About Us

About Us!

Team Synergy is a private owned consulting and solutions-based firm with international reach in Project & Change Management, Construction, Facility Management Services, IT Solutions, Staffing, Recruitment and Training.

Team Synergy offers a unique blend of know-how to provide solutions specifically catered to our clients individual needs.

We understand the ever-increasing need for a more personalized service and pride ourselves in working confidentially with our clients to ensure all needs are met with quality and in a timely manner.

We build synergies based on individual needs to support Team and economic growth.



Call us for a free consultation. We look forward to the Synergy we can add to your Team!

Director of Business Operations

Devin Hayes

Director / CEO

Edward Hayes

History & Challenges

In October 2015, father & son team Ed and Devin Hayes founded Team Synergy,

with a primary focus of pooling experiences to assist companies with their information technology staffing requirements.  As the Company name evokes, when individuals work together as teams in a focused environment with a mutual objective, their collective efforts yield Team Synergy …..and an improved outcome.

Since late 2017,

Team Synergy has expanded its market focus and business model beyond recruitment and placement of consultants and permanent employees for the IT industry to a wide range of business activities including training, professional development, coaching, and subject matter expert guidance provision to business leaders.

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Providing a Wide-Range of Services


Team Synergy works closely with you to identify options to support your requirements.

Team Synergy offers a variety of training sessions based on individual needs with a main focus on Change Management, Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Professional Development.
Having trouble with staffing and finding the right recruitment methods for your internal needs? We have the solution!
With over 40 years of Construction, Engineering and Facility Management expertise, our focus is to provide optimal solutions for the daily challenges our customers face.
Coaching is a combination of experience, education and lessons learned. Our focus is to help guide your team as well as provide you with the necessary coaching skills.