So why didn´t I get the job?

As we all know, a good CV opens the door for an invitation for an interview but why do we sometimes fail to get the job?


Yes, we prepare for the interview by researching the Company interviewing us but are we really prepared? We research the specific technical requirements of the job, prepare a list of technical and operational questions, make sure we are dressed properly and well rested before the interview so we at ‘our best’ and we arrive at the interview on time.


During the interview, all seems to be going well. It started on time and all client interview members were present and prepared.


You felt welcome. The atmosphere was cordial and professional.


As expected, Interviewers asked tough questions especially about your experience and technical capabilities.


You asked your questions and received favorable answers. The interview ended with an overall good impression of each other and you left with a positive feeling that you’ll get an offer.


Later, you are informed that you didn’t get the job with an explanation that seemed odd.


So what happened?


There is one salient discriminator that we often overlook… ‘Our fit on their Team’.


We ask ourselves why this is so important since the job focus is primarily technical.


Of course clients want a very qualified ‘expert’ but often the unstated reason for not being selected is because the client subjectively thinks we are not a good fit on their team.


This is a manager’s dilemma. When managers think that someone may not get along with other team members, or fit their culture, they have concerns that potential friction among team members could be counter-productive.


There is no prescriptive solution to this situation. Reasons can vary widely from mannerism to dress to body language or the Client’s perception about our personality or work style.


Yes, you may feel rejected but consider the experience as a learning point to improve your presentation skills at your next interview. You want to find a ‘right fit’ too.


And at your next interview… be aware of this potential discriminator and provide natural responses to indirect questions about… ‘Team Fit’.


Best Wishes at your next interview… Team Synergy.


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