Because your future is important to us, we strive to ensure the progression of your career.
Whether you are looking for a permanent position with a new firm or seeking new challenges in project based work, we offer you services in the following areas




Suitable jobs and/or projects will be found together after openly discussing your personal ideas, needs and goals.

Personal meetings are a great way to better understand your talents and potential to enable a better match with our clients.
Application and

With your confirmation, we will begin the job search and introduce your application and credentials to several suitable clients.

As soon as we have a match of your credentials and our client requirements, we will openly discuss the position, requirements, and career path, as well as the next steps.
Interview and
Contract Coordination

Many highly qualified candidates are not offered the position because they were not prepared for the interview. Our focus is to ensure that you are well prepared in order to further improve the opportunity of being hired. Together we will discuss the client organization, position requirements and details, provide tips and suggestions, and answer your questions.
























Also, please review our Job Market, highlighting all current vacancies